Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Create Additional Storage Using Mezzanines with Mezzanine Safety Gates and Guard Rails

Sometimes you need additional storage space within your facility, but are unable to expand the size of your building. One viable option many industrial and warehouse operations use is to install mezzanines. Mezzanines are raised open areas constructed above the ground floor, with limited obstructions. Mezzanines do require the proper support beams to be able to support the weight of equipment, items and people placed on them. Further, you need to make sure mezzanines are installed with safety in mind. Open sides of each mezzanine need to have safety guard rails installed, along with mezzanine safety gates. The gates need to be installed so that they swing inwards and have a latch preventing them from opening outwards in order to prevent someone from accidently falling.

Use Mezzanine Safety Gates and Guard Rails on a Mezzanine Installed Over Equipment

 In addition to being used for storage, mezzanines may also be installed to create raised platforms for gaining easier access to equipment. Some types of machinery can be rather large, and performing maintenance and repairs on this equipment requires access from above. Using a safety harness with a support line, and lowering yourself into place, limits what maintenance you are able to complete without the assistance of other employees, and has an increased risk of potential accidents and injury. However, by installing a mezzanine with mezzanine safety gates and guard rails over the equipment, you have a solid surface to stand on to complete repairs and maintenance. You are also able to eliminating the risks associated with attempting to fix equipment using a safety harness and support line.

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