Thursday, June 27, 2013

Safely Store Your Stanchions in a Stanchion Cart

It is important to make sure you properly and safely store your visual warning line posts at your job site. You want to avoid situations where they could easily get bumped and knocked over. When the posts are not secure, they might cause an accident as they fall over and cause injury to your employees. One way to make sure your posts are kept secure is to place them into a stanchion cart. By using this cart, not only are your posts properly stored, you are also able to easily move them around from one job location to another. Further, using the cart makes it easier to set up and take down your visual warning systems anytime they are needed for projects on the job site.

 A Stanchion Cart Can Accommodate up to Eight Stanchions

 A stanchion cart is designed to hold up to eight SRC visual warning line x-stanchions. X-stanchions are available in stainless steel or plastic posts with OSHA perimeter warning line flags. Stanchions are used for a variety of purposes to section off specific locations and keep them secure. You can use stanchions on construction job sites, for repaving parking lots, roofing jobs, unloading and loading delivery trucks, and any other type of work that requires creating a secure work area. When you have more than eight stanchions, you either have to load and unload the cart in batches, or obtain multiple carts to make it faster to set up and tear down your visual warning line systems.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An OSHA Safety Gate Is a Safety Gate Approved for Use by OSHA

An OSHA safety gate is a special type of safety gate which has been approved for use by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Our safety gates are designed to meet and exceed OSHA regulations for fall protection. Each gate is tested and independently certified to ensure they are in accordance with all current OSHA guardrail regulations when used as part of a fall protection system. The gates are easy to install into your existing guard rails and require no custom fabrications. You are also able to reverse the gates during installation so that they can open in any direction. Our gates are manufactured with a powder-coated covering for high corrosion resistance, and come standard in safety yellow, or may be ordered in custom colors.

 Help Prevent Accidents by Installing and Using an OSHA Safety Gate

There are multiple uses for an OSHA safety gate to fit the needs of many types of industries. This gate can be used for effective crowd control, as a hazard barrier, to control warehouse traffic lanes, as pier and rail yard protection, for dock door and truck pit protection, for new building construction, at construction excavation sites and other locations requiring fall protection. Not having the right OSHA-approved gates in use results in fines and citations for your business. However, these fines and citations are nothing, when they are compared to the financial cost associated with one of your employees being fatally injured or killed while on the job. The investment you make in safety gates could help prevent an accident, lower the risks of injury -- and even save a life.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

You Can Rent Mobile Safety Railings for Your Projects

Certain projects around your facility can require using safety rails in order to create safe working environments. Depending upon the natural of the project, you may only require the railings short term and will no longer need them once the project is completed. For example, you are installing a new roof and need the railings until the project is finished. In these situations you have the option to rent mobile safety railings from our company, in place of purchasing them.

Different Options for Obtaining Mobile Safety Railings
You have several different options available through our company in order to secure the mobile safety railings you require. One option we provide our customers is the ability to rent railings for any length of time needed. Another option offered is the option of a long term lease when you require the railings for an extended period of time. You are also able to choose from rent-to-own options, where you can convert your rental costs towards your purchase should you change your mind and want to keep the railings.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Prevent Accidental and Fatal Falls by Installing Hatch and Ladder Guards

Some of the most common causes of injuries in the workplace are due to accidental falls. More importantly, around one third of all serious fatal falls are the result of failing to use the right fall protection equipment. Both accidental and seriously fatal falls are able to be prevented by using the right types of safety equipment in and around you building, including hatch and ladder guards.

Hatch and Ladder Guards Are One Type of Safety Equipment Used by Construction Firms
All organizations which provide construction services should make sure they use the correct safety equipment. During construction projects, when a new building is being erected, there are very few enclosed areas let alone safe locations. Instead, workers have to rely upon using portable safety equipment and setting it up prior to starting work. Typical equipment construction firms need to have in their inventories includes portable guard rails, visual warning line systems, mobile fall arrest systems, and hatch and ladder guards.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make Sure Your Hatch Guards Meet OSHA Requirements

OSHA has specific rules and regulations in place pertaining to types of equipment organizations need to use for fall protection, such as guard rails, gates, and ladder and hatch guards. Part of these guidelines includes the specific acceptable measurements for each kind of fall protection equipment. For instance, safety guard rails must be a minimum height in order to be effective, and railings before this accepted height will not meet OSHA regulations.

Secure Openings and Holes in the Floor by Installing Hatch Guards
Hatch guards are used to secure areas where there are openings or holes in the floor. The opening or hole could be the result of a hatch being left opened or in situations where hatch covers have not yet been installed while a building is still under construction. The guards have to fit around the hatch opening and allow for sufficient clearance for the hatch to fully open. There should not be any restrictions other than those created by the size of the hole. Safety gates need to be attached to the guards where they swing outwards and away from the hatch opening.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Create Noticeable Barriers with Visual Warning Line Systems

Visual warning line systems help section off specific areas for a variety of purposes. For instance, you could place this type of system around a parking lot prior to resealing the pavement. You are also able to use the system as a warning method in locations where a flat surface abruptly ends and is followed by a large drop-off, like on the ends of a roof. When used in this manner, it creates a clear barrier to prevent accidental falls anytime roofing work is being completed.

Visual Warning Line Systems Can Be Used for Crowd Control
Besides helping to section off areas and create barriers, visual warning line systems can also be used for situations requiring crowd control. The warning line posts are often set up where warning flags or ropes are attached in between each one to create a clear path for people to follow. You could also section of large areas for times you want people to wait in specific locations, such as prior to retail store openings during special sales events like Black Friday.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Prevent Accidental Falls through Skylights by Installing Skylight Guards

Accidental falls through skylights on roofs is an issue organizations need to address and resolve. The best way to prevent this type of accident in your work place is to install skylight guards directly over every single skylight on the roof of your building. The guards have wire mesh openings on the top and sides, to still allow sunlight to pass through and into the building, while creating a protective barrier.

Skylight Guards Are Designed to Break Falls and Support Weight
The design of OSHA-approved skylight guards is able to break the fall and support the weight of a person, and prevent them from falling through the skylight. The frame has cross sections of metal supports, which evenly distribute weight when it is applied to the top of the guards. There are different options for installing guards over your skylights, including guards that require no welding, mounting or drilling.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Portable Guard Rails Provide Fall Protection for Roofing Projects

Installing new roofs on your facility will require using portable guard rails. The rails should be set up and installed around the exterior of the roof prior to work starting. The rails are necessary in order to prevent workers from accidently falling off of the roof and being seriously injured. Once work is completed, the guard rails can be taken down and stored for future roofing projects.

Create Temporary Barriers to Limit Access with Portable Guard Rails
Portable guard rails are able to be used to create barriers around areas where you want to temporarily limit access. For example, you could set up and place the railings around a parking lot that is being resealed, to prevent people from parking and walking in the area. Portable railings are also be used to block off specific areas where equipment is being used, such as any time the exterior windows on your building are being washed.