Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Safety Gate Can Be Used in Work Areas for Different Reasons

Certain areas of your facility may require the use of a safety gate for different reasons. One use for these types of gates is to install them into railings around dangerous equipment and machinery. The gates act as a deterrent and help to prevent unauthorized access and reduce the potential of accidents and injuries. Another use for gates is to use them at entryways through safety guard railings on elevated areas, like mezzanines or cat walks. Without the use of gates in elevated areas, someone could accidently fall through entry openings and be seriously hurt. Gates used in these locations should be installed so that they swing inwards and away from the opening. The safety catch on the gates is designed to stop the gate from opening outwards, in the event someone were to lean against the gate, and it prevents them from falling.

The Type of Safety Gate You Use Should Satisfy OSHA Requirements
OSHA has specific guidelines and requirements for the use of a safety gate in work areas. Depending upon the exact location where the gate is being used, it may have to be a self-closing gate. These types of gates automatically return to their closed position after a person enters through them. For instance, in raised areas, safety gates should be self-closing as once they are closed -- they are designed to be used along with your safety guard rails to prevent accidental falls. When used at the ground level of your facility, you might have the option to choose from manually closing and self-closing gates. However, you need to verify the kind of gate you select does satisfy OSHA safety regulations.

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