Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ladder Guards, Guard Rails, and Visual Warning Line Systems Are Safety Equipment You Might Need

One of the biggest causes of accidents in the work place is not having the right fall protection and equipment in use. How seriously a person is injured depends upon the length of the distance from where they fell and hit the ground. Falling even a few feet can result in bruising, sprains, and other minor injuries. As heights increase, the extent of potential injury also increases. For example, if one of your employees were to fall from a roof off of a three story building, they could experience broken bones, serious head injuries and internal organ damage, upon impact with the ground, and might ultimately die as a result of their injuries. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure work spaces and areas within around your facility offer safe working environments. This means that you have to use the right kinds of safety equipment and gear, including ladder guards, guard rails, visual warning line systems and mobile fall arrest systems.

Provide Protection to Employees Working on Ladders with Ladder Guards

Ladder guards are designed to offer protection to your employees working on ladders. The guards are set up and installed around the base of ladders, in order to prevent other people from walking into the area any time work is being performed. In addition to placing the guards around the base of the ladder, your employee will also need fall arrest equipment, such as a body harness, in case they misstep while climbing up the ladder, or lose their footing and fall off the ladder. Ladder guards are available in both permanently installed and portable models, depending upon your needs and requirements.

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