Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Safety Gates Are Available in Permanent and Portable Models

Safety gates are an important piece of hardware that need to be installed into entryways in safety rails to help prevent accidental falls, unauthorized access, and keep work areas safer. There are different types of gates which you can select to use within your facility, depending upon where they need to be installed. Some models are able to be installed directly into your existing guard rails. These models are often self-closing and will return to a shut position without any assistance. Other models are included as part of portable safety railing systems. Portable models are not always self-closing, so they can require additional assistance in closing the gate after entering or existing work areas.

Take Measurements in Order to Select the Right Size Safety Gates

To ensure you select the right size safety gates, you should measure the size of the opening. To determine the height of the gate, you measure from the top of the rail, downwards. Gates do not have to go all the way to the floor, and may only cover the top half of the entry when installed. Gates need to be installed so that the top of the gate is even with the top of your guard rails. Otherwise, if the gates were installed where the top of the gates were lower than the railings, they would not be effective in providing fall protection. Someone could fall over the gate because it was mounted and installed too low and in the wrong location.

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