Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Use a Safety Gate to Prevent Access in Restricted Work Areas

A safety gate helps to prevent unauthorized access in restricted work spaces throughout your facility. For example, you may want to place a gate at entrances and exits to production floors where specific kinds of safety gear are required. You can display warning and caution signs on the exterior of the gates announcing what equipment are required in order to enter the work location. As a result, your employees are well aware that they should not enter the area unless wearing the proper equipment.
Install a Safety Gate along Openings in Railings Which Are Elevated Off of the Ground
The openings at the top of railings which are elevated above the floor frequently require a safety gate to be installed. The safety gate allows people to move and transition up and down stairs or a ladder, while at the same time works as a preventive measure against accidental falls. The gate should also never be propped open and needs to remain closed whenever it is not being used in order to be effective.

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