Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Make Sure Permanent Guard Rails Are Correctly Anchored in Place

It is important to ensure permanent guard rails are properly anchored and secured in place. You could use mounting brackets to attach the railing to and bolt it down into the surface where the railing is being installed. You need to make sure railings are firmly in place and do not wobble or sway excessively after mounting processes are complete. In the event you notice the railings seem loose and not secure, you may need to use shorter sections of railings and increase the number of mounting brackets.

Permanent Guard Rails Can Be Installed Using Concrete
Another option for installing permanent guard rails commonly used during new building construction is to use concrete to firmly secure each leg support. The length of each leg does require it to be sunk to a specific depth in order to avoid the top of the railing from swaying and moving excessively. You also have to account for this added length so your railings are the recommended height once they have been fully installed.

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