Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review Current Guidelines for Safety Rail Requirements Prior to Starting New Building Projects

Certain types of buildings and structures require installing safety rail in order to create safe working environments. The size and overall design of the railing must meet and satisfy OSHA guidelines in order for it to be compliant. Whenever starting a new building construction project where railings are to be installed, it is worth your time to review the current requirements. This will help you avoid situations of having to replace them later when your building is inspected.

Some Organizations Use both Portable and Permanently Installed Safety Rail Products
It is possible you might require both portable and permanently installed safety rail at your facility. Portable railing is designed to be used to temporarily block off work areas and locations, such as during truck loading and unloading or maintenance projects. Permanent railing should be installed in areas where you require the railing to remain long term, like along elevated walk ways and mezzanines.

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