Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Portable Guard Rails Provide Fall Protection for Roofing Projects

Installing new roofs on your facility will require using portable guard rails. The rails should be set up and installed around the exterior of the roof prior to work starting. The rails are necessary in order to prevent workers from accidently falling off of the roof and being seriously injured. Once work is completed, the guard rails can be taken down and stored for future roofing projects.

Create Temporary Barriers to Limit Access with Portable Guard Rails
Portable guard rails are able to be used to create barriers around areas where you want to temporarily limit access. For example, you could set up and place the railings around a parking lot that is being resealed, to prevent people from parking and walking in the area. Portable railings are also be used to block off specific areas where equipment is being used, such as any time the exterior windows on your building are being washed.

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